Top selling smart phones in 2019

One Plus 6 T

It’s an android smart phone with 16+20 MP Front camera
Rear camera 16 MP camera too.
It has 6 GB RAM.
Internal storage is 128 GB.
Screen/ Displaybis 6.4 inch.
Octo core processor.
Battery power is 3700 mAh.

Realme 2 pro.

Android phone with 16 mp rear camera.
And 16 mp front camera.
Octa core processor.
RAM is available in 4GB/ 6 GB/ 8GB .
Internal storage is also avilable in two different 64 GB or 128 GB
Screen / display is 6.3 inch available.
Battery power is good, 3500mAh.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Best selling Android phone .
24 mp rear camera and also 24 mp front camera.
Display is 6.3 inches.
Octacore proceser with GB RAM.
Internal storage is 128 GB.
Good Battery life 3800 mAh


Huawei P2O pro

Octa Core Processer.
24 mp Front camera.
Display is 6.1 inch
40+20+8 mp rear camera.
6 GB RAM with 128 GB Internal storage.
battery duration is excellent, 4000 mAh.


Google Pixel 3

Android phone.
Primary camera 16+16 MP
Front camera 8 MP
Display is 6.1 inches.
Octa core processer 2.8 GHz
RAM is 6 Gb and Internal storage is 128 GB.
Battery power is 3000 mAh

Oppo F9 Pro

Android phone with 25 MP front camera
16 MP rear camera
Screen display 6.3 inch.
6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.
Octa core processor with good battery power 3500 mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Android phone with octa processor
6.4 inch display
Front camera 8 MP and primary 12+12 MP
128 GB RAM
battery power is excellent 400 mAh.

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