How to install antivirus on your laptop? and why?

Antivirus software is used to safe our pc or laptop fall unnecessary malfunctions and viruses. You all know that a single virus can also damage the important data from your computers. So why to take risk? Just download and install antivirus software on your pc or laptops to make it safe.
Generally we get the antivirus for one year warranty and after that by online repay you have to renew the antivirus software. There are so many trial packs of antivirus software are available online but please make sure that it’s not containing any malware function virus. Basically virus comes from emails,flash drives, websites that are not secured and from downloads too..

To make safe all your data on pc or laptops you should have to acquire the antivirus program first.
If you frequently deal with files, emails downloads then you must go with paid antivirus protection software.
When downloading ensure that its a trusted source to download.
After downloading double click on installer, it will ask if there is any previous antivirus software. If no, then follow the below instructions.Make sure that you are totally connected to the internet while downloading the software because you have to download other important files and folders too.
After installation reboot your or laptop for updation process. After that you have to download the latest updates of the software. The update option is almost available in all antivirus softwares. You can update on weekly basis or an auto update option is also available.
Once updation is done go to the program setting to check once all necessary updates.
The antivirus gives you total protection from malware and viruses and makes your all laptop data secure.

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