How to copy paste all files in a folder on laptop

First of all go to the desktop and select/open the folder in which you want to copy all your files. If you want to create a folder right click on desktop and select option ‘ new’ . From there you will get  the option ‘ new folder’. Select the ‘new folder’ option. You will get it on the desktop.Give suitable name to it and press ‘ enter’ button to save the folder.

Now select file you want copy,right click the mouse button and select option ‘ copy’. Open the folder in which you want to copy the file. Right click and select option ‘paste’. You can see that the file you want has been got copied into the folder you want.

One more way to add your files in the desired folder is select the file and long press the mouse button and move toward the folder in which you want to add the file.Means you can drag the desired files in your desired folder with the help of mouse.

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